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Do we already live like the Jetsons?

When you hear the word "automation", does the cartoon "The Jetsons" first come to your mind?

Do you remember this futuristic family and their house helper Rosie the Robot, flying cars, space schools, and malls? Nothing unusual for the 2060s … at least that’s what the Hanna-Barbera Productions thought.

Although in the cartoon everything seems pretty simple, like a car that folds into a briefcase when George Jetson arrives at work, we all know that movie predictions are often inaccurate … or are they?

Most of us still don’t have Rosie the Robot in the household, but automation in business is advancing by leaps and bounds.

What’s “automation” anyway?

A process in which machines and technology replace manual labor. Sounds interesting, but also a little scary.

However, this doesn’t mean that we need fewer workers, but that they can dedicate themselves to higher-value-added jobs, such as machine control or software management, process optimization or monitoring, and decision-making: how to make the most of automation and improve it.

Routine jobs are not the future of the market - the future lies in innovation.

Companies are already gradually adopting a new type of organization, where autonomous technologies and people come together in collaboration, working effectively together, accelerating the flow of value to customers and all other stakeholders in the ecosystem. The power of automation and autonomy will define the goal of digital transformation of companies in the near future.

What exactly does digital transformation bring?

In short: it reduces costs, increases profits, expands your products to the global market, improves the quality and traceability of your products, encourages innovation in the company. People are engaged in innovations, improvements and strategies, and machines are left with routine tasks. And that’s really important because companies that don’t innovate simply won’t survive. However, a key element of any company that wants to be competitive in the global market is the establishment of digital continuity. Digital continuity is the ability to use digital information the way you need it, for as long as you need it.

Why is digital continuity important?

Digital Continuity Management protects the information you need for your business. This allows you to do business responsibly, legally, effectively, and efficiently. It helps you protect your reputation, reduce costs and provide better public services. If you lose information because you didn’t manage your digital continuity properly, the consequences can be as serious as any other loss of information.

So, it is a business approach that provides a continuous chain of digital data, from idea to product, using a central digital platform, such as 3DEXPERIENCE.

With this platform, you get a complete solution that enables transparency, fast and accurate data exchange between departments, fast decision-making, and incomparably greater efficiency.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a collaborative environment that enables businesses and people to innovate in completely new ways and create products and services using virtual experiences. Provides a real-time overview of business activities and ecosystems, connecting people, ideas, and data.

3DEXPERIENCE gives you access to key parts of your business whenever you need information and wherever you are. All data and documents are available in digital form in one place, so you can make key decisions at the right time, even when you’re on the go. The system can be set up in your organization, but also in the “cloud” part that is only available to your employees, partners, and you.

At the time when “The Jetsons” appeared, the terms “digital continuity” and “digital platform” didn’t yet exist, but everything the creators of the cartoon imagined corresponded to this approach and way of working.

Look to the future and do business anytime, anywhere. Be carefree at work, just like George Jetson.

Business transformation seems like a long road, but you are not alone on that road. The CADCAM Data team, in cooperation with you, introduces optimal solutions and builds the knowledge and capacities necessary for progress in digitalization and competitiveness on a global level.

We use our experience to simplify and automate processes in 3D design and manufacturing, introduce a digital platform and guide partners through digital transformation. In short, we allow you to work in a simpler and more efficient way.

You are facing challenges, we offer solutions. Get one step closer to the digital future and the reality of the Jetsons!


Source: Magazine Industrija

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