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Connecting the virtual and the real for a business renaissance. Wasting time and nerves to get all you need to develop and monitor production processes? It’s time to put an end to it!
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Platforms are changing the business environment


Data and files, real-time interaction with your employees and partners, each link in the production chain from raw material sourcing to the distribution of the finished product – with the help of the 3DEXPERIENCE (3DX) platform and the DELMIA software solution, everything is easily accessible and up-to-date at any time.

DELMIA is a set of tools and programs that accelerate, optimize, control, and synchronize the production process in various industrial sectors, such as shipbuilding, automotive industry, industrial equipment, energy, construction, and similar, as well as in the FMCG sector.


DELMIA will be your connection between the real and the virtual world. It will enable safe, advanced, and fast production process planning, simulation and verification, optimization of the use of robotics in manufacturing plants, machining…

You will get a comprehensive insight into a central digital database. All that you could ever need in order to be able to take advantage of business opportunities at any moment will always be ready and waiting for you – organized, interconnected and searchable without delay. You get a tool that will raise the cooperation between your employees and teams to a higher level and free up their time for process improvements and innovations. You’ll be able to share all relevant information with your customers and suppliers, as well as safeguard and protect the confidentiality of your data. Connecting DELMIA to existing resource management systems (ERP) is simple and easy.

Due to its wide range of advantages, many customers and users around the world have chosen DELMIA. For example, DELMIA has helped Japan’s high-tech giant Hitachi cut the time to market for its new web servers in half, from four to just two months.

The US company Bell Helicopter Textron, well-known for producing advanced military helicopters, was also able to reduce its time to market by half. With DELMIA, new helicopters can be developed in just two years instead of four, making it possible for Bell to achieve a 31% revenue increase over a 5-year period.

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With this advanced software solution, optimization of real-world production systems in a virtual environment becomes simpler, significantly cheaper, and faster, giving you the opportunity to improve and enhance your production systems and achieve operational excellence. In addition to reducing costs and increasing quality, you will become more flexible and able to adapt to the needs and desires of your customers and users more quickly.

Consequently, improved insight into actual conditions and management will not only allow you to save money, raw materials, consumables, tools and machinery, but you will also gain a competitive advantage allowing you to increase your revenue, earnings, and profit.

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Our portfolio includes applications for 3D design, virtual simulations of products and production systems,
collaboration as well as smart data processing.

You need a tool with which you will be able to react quickly and efficiently to changes in the needs and desires of customers and which will provide them with a unique experience when using, and by which you will be recognized.
Advanced surface modeling is fully tailored to the needs of high quality and sophisticated process designs that characterize the production of high-end cars and aircraft.
A software solution for simulations, the set of applications is widely accepted and in practice proven to be the best in its class, especially when it comes to solving problems related to contacts, nonlinearity of materials.
It enables the establishment of Digital Continuity, which is an evolutionary step forward compared to current systems based on the mere exchange of e-mail, spreadsheets and other documents.
A set of tools and programs that accelerate, optimize, control and synchronize the production process in industries such as automotive, marine, industrial equipment, energy, construction, etc., but also consumer goods.
The innovation from the CADCAM Group significantly facilitates, accelerates and reduces the cost of the production process by simpler and more fluid communication between various engineering and design departments.
Software for Automation & Electrical installation. Focus on the electrical design. Let the software handle all practical details.
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