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Too little time for innovation? Reducing the number of changes while ensuring product quality.

Every day, we can see changes in the way we design, develop, and manufacture new products. We work in a multidisciplinary environment, knowledge and know-how are increasingly valued, customers demand durable products and solutions.

If we add the need for higher quality products in less time and with lower costs, it is only logical that we expect more from our software as well.

We need powerful solutions that help us be more competitive, reduce the possibility of error at all stages of development and production, and facilitate communication among different departments, with the buyers and the suppliers. CATIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA and 3DEXPERIENCE offer a wide range of business, design and production solutions that can help you be better — from idea to production, from initial customer enquiries to final control.

Challenges faced by

the Engineers

Challenge #1

I want fast implementation and quick result

The unique and innovative 3DEXPERIENCE digital platform saves time and money due to its comprehensive and individualized approach. It supports modular use and implementation, which ensures the best price-to-value ratio. It provides visible results, both in terms of quality and quantity, and can be expanded by adding new functionalities and new users quickly and easily.

Challenge #2

I need a faster and smoother data flow

Implementing the 3DEXPERIENCE central digital platform, which makes it possible for all process participants to access up-to-date information at any moment, depending on their authorization level and responsibility, helps achieve significant time savings, and business runs smoothly and without delays – because it’s not so much about having digital data, it’s about having digital continuity.

Challenge #3

I want simple product lifecycle monitoring

3DEXPERIENCE is a platform that intuitively guides users through all product lifecycle stages: from idea, through development and manufacturing, to product use and partial or complete recycling. This ensures product quality throughout all stages, reduces the number of costly product changes, allows systematic version monitoring and control, while automated BOM generation brings significant savings in terms of engineer capacity.

less 25 %
>25% less time spent on non-productive data management tasks (>1 day/week per engineer). Source: Tech-Clarity, INSEAD Faculty Research)
till 200
Bigger development departments develop up to 200 new or modified parts (in one week, per design engineer). (Source: Tech-Clarity, INSEAD Faculty Research)
till 50 %
Product changes “waste” between 30-50% of engineer capacities. (Source: Tech-Clarity, INSEAD Faculty Research)
15 %
Production interval shorter
Production interval reduced by 15%. (Source: Dassault Systemes)
till 55 %
Faster access to accurate data improves business performance up to 55%
CADCAM tim za digitalnu transformaciju

Sounds great! But why the CADCAM Group?


We offer solutions, not empty promises. Our expert team has been transforming the visions of the leading industry into digital reality for 30 years now. On a daily basis, our people implement the most advanced technologies and resolve the problems that trouble you too. Based on this knowledge, together with our experience, we prepare serious and viable digital strategies that will help avoid the usual mistakes, reduce risks, and save you time and money.

Be it 3D CAD, product management, production optimization, or digital transformation, we are here for you. We take a long-term and meticulous approach to planning, and deliver speed and precision in execution.

Contact us for a talk about your processes and to help you reduce your time-to-market

The process includes condition assessment, analysis, consulting, and demonstration of the solution up to the definition of the digitization project. Contact us for concrete and application-oriented advice on digital transformation. Give us a chance, and we will earn your trust.