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Imagine and test in the virtual, create in the real world. Great opportunities and advantages provided by virtual simulation are among the greatest benefits brought to the world of technology by digitalization. These benefits include product and process optimization, increased efficiency, reduced risks, fewer changes, to name but a few.
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SIMULIA, a software solution used for simulations, includes virtual validation and product improvement applications, as well as applications intended for solving physical problems. It is especially powerful when it comes to solving problems pertaining to contacts, non-linear materials, when simulations on composite materials are required, and similar uses. SIMULIA comes with built-in implicit, explicit and CFD solvers, and its functionality can be expanded with scripting functions and subroutines.

SIMULIA is widely recognized, and it has been proven in practice as the best solution in its category. It is used in a number of industries, especially the automotive and aerospace industries.

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It the automotive industry, SIMULIA is used in the development, optimization, and validation of vehicle dynamics, as well as making calculations for various elements important for cabin design with the aim of meeting acoustic, visual, and ergonomic standards. Other uses include the prediction of electric motor performance, chassis and suspension durability testing, and many other purposes.

When it comes to aircraft design and production, SIMULIA is used for a wide range of key system simulations, e.g., structural validation (important for obtaining certificates), aerodynamic testing, testing of communication systems, vibration analysis…

It is also highly valued in academic circles due to its high result reliability. Such a large number of users is a guarantee of quality; in this community of users, you can share knowledge and experience, and find answers to some of the problems you might face. You can also count on superior technical support at the local, regional, and global levels, and rely on extensive expert documentation.

The SIMULIA license can be tailored to your needs and desires, and it can also be modified later by adding specialized modules.

Of course, the best results are achieved when all software solutions are integrated on the same platform; therefore, SIMULIA is now also available on the 3DEXPERIENCE.

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Our portfolio includes applications for 3D design, virtual simulations of products and production systems,
collaboration as well as smart data processing.

You need a tool with which you will be able to react quickly and efficiently to changes in the needs and desires of customers and which will provide them with a unique experience when using, and by which you will be recognized.
Advanced surface modeling is fully tailored to the needs of high quality and sophisticated process designs that characterize the production of high-end cars and aircraft.
A software solution for simulations, the set of applications is widely accepted and in practice proven to be the best in its class, especially when it comes to solving problems related to contacts, nonlinearity of materials.
It enables the establishment of Digital Continuity, which is an evolutionary step forward compared to current systems based on the mere exchange of e-mail, spreadsheets and other documents.
A set of tools and programs that accelerate, optimize, control and synchronize the production process in industries such as automotive, marine, industrial equipment, energy, construction, etc., but also consumer goods.
The innovation from the CADCAM Group significantly facilitates, accelerates and reduces the cost of the production process by simpler and more fluid communication between various engineering and design departments.
Software for Automation & Electrical installation. Focus on the electrical design. Let the software handle all practical details.
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