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What we do

We help the industry create better products in a more efficient way by using leading digital solutions.

We transform your business in cooperation with you: we introduce optimal solutions and build the knowledge and capacities necessary for a digital breakthrough and global competitiveness.

We use our experience to simplify and automate processes in 3D design and manufacturing, to implement a digital platform and lead our partners through digital transformation. In short, we help you work in a simpler and more efficient way.

We listen
We build.
We demonstrate.
We solve.
You Excel!

Your extended family of experts, working for your digital future.
We stand by your side through all the stages of the business improvement process.



The journey from a business idea to its realization requires reliable expert support in order to avoid mistakes.

Through the Business Value Assessment process, or the BVA, our experts will help you identify challenges and then propose solutions tailored to specified requirements and needs. In this process, we focus on identifying and understanding the problems and potentials; we present solutions that allow you to realize your vision by implementing leading digital solutions.

Solution Configuration


After analyzing your needs, capacities and methods of work, our expert team will present the optimal solution tailored to your actual needs and business goals.Our many years of experience in implementing and using software solutions, our engineering services and technical support are a guarantee of your success.

Systematically, professionally, and quickly, we solve all your dilemmas in the search for the right solution as a reliable partner on your path to digital transformation.

Our knowledge, experience and top solutions will increase your business efficiency and productivity and keep pace with your company’s growth.



Digital transformation is usually a long journey, and it is best to embark on it in the company of a reliable travelling companion. It is for this reason that picking the right partner may well be the most important step in the search for a trusted solution for the future of your company.In the course of implementation, we introduce new digital solutions by applying a phased approach, so as to see the benefits of the implemented solution as quickly as possible. Building a partnership with our customer is important since we only play a supporting role in the implementation, while the leading role is reserved for the customer’s employees working in teams, who apply and use new digital technologies. Our team’s extensive experience guarantees that we will understand your business challenges and carry out the implementation tasks responsibly, with a strong emphasis on a personalized approach.

We look forward to our journey together!



A team of certified lecturers from the CADCAM Group will help your company adopt and apply new technologies more quickly and efficiently with training courses helping you master various software tools available in CATIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, and 3DEXPERIENCE.

Our learning center provides the opportunity to take a certification exam and obtain the official, globally recognized Dassault Systemes certificate. The CADCAM Group is the only authorized certification center (CEP) in the Adriatic region.

Engineering and other services


 If you need experienced engineers, if your deadlines are too short, your design teams overtaxed, or if the market dynamics requires greater agility, our experts are here to help. Be it in the field of 3D design, simulations, model development, or document preparation – our people with their 30-year track record are at your disposal.

Furthermore, our team will automate your routine processes, improve methodology, introduce the most modern 3D tools as needed, provide education and training for your people, and do everything in their power to ensure that your product is finished on time and your buyers are satisfied. Let your curiosity lead the way and contact us – we will earn your trust.



The Unique Innovative Solution for ECAD and MCAD Collaboration

The designing and manufacturing of a device composed of electronic and mechanical components represent a challenging process, which is most beneficial if the electronic components are visible within the mechanical 3D model and vice versa. MECODES facilitates a simple data exchange between the Dassault Systèmes CATIA /3DEXPERIENCE and Altium Designer, Mentor PADS/Xpedition or Cadence Allegro. By having implemented MECODES our customers, such as Swatch or Valea, have achieved the highest quality and remarkable savings in development processes and manufacturing.

MECODES emanates from the internal development of the CADCAM Group and stands as a unique product in the Global Market.

Your next step in digital transformation starts here.

If you want to improve the way you do business, we offer the opportunity to perform Business Value Assessments in the field of design and production. The process includes a snapshot of the current situation, analysis, consulting, and demonstration of solutions until we define a digitalization project that fits your needs.Contact us and benefit from our consultancy services offering specific and feasible advice on digital transformation. Give us a chance, we will earn your trust.