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CATIA – from product to experience

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We have embarked on an era when having a good product is not enough, you also have to envision and design the complete product experience.

CATIA’s wide variety of applications will help you successfully navigate this new, complex environment, in all key aspects and on all levels, whether you are a top expert or a beginner when it comes to relevant technologies. Powerful and intuitive design, analysis and visualization tools that can help you create even the most complex products will be at your fingertips.

True, CATIA is intended for engineers, it allows them to modify and adapt production quickly and efficiently.

CATIA bleu Car Evolution project

But it is not just for engineers! CATIA can be used by designers to develop their ideas from 2D sketches to full 3D models, helping them unleash their creativity and use the power of their imagination to the fullest, while system architects can integrate all components into one final solution.

It is also fully integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE (3DX) platform and makes full use of all the advantages the platform has to offer in the field of digital continuity.

This versatile software solution has already reached one million users in different industries across the world. Our customers in the region include renowned companies like AD Plastik, Akrapovič, BMTS, Cimos, Jaksche, Gorenje Orodjarna, Končar, Kovinoplastika, Kralj metala alati, Lipik Glas, LTH, Medicop, OMCO, Pipistrel, Rimac automobili, SDPR, Siliko, Talum, TPV, Unior…

CATIA Ergonomic design of car passengers

User experience design has become more multidisciplinary than ever, it requires an approach that connects different areas such as electronics, software, mechanics, and product design. Furthermore, market research results, marketing, sales, and similar functions need to be included in the process starting from the early stages of development.

The 3DEXPERIENCE (3DX) platform, that also includes CATIA, offers a wide range of tools with excellent modeling and cooperation solutions that will help you successfully meet the ever-changing needs of the industry and your customers.

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Our portfolio includes applications for 3D design, virtual simulations of products and production systems,
collaboration as well as smart data processing.

You need a tool with which you will be able to react quickly and efficiently to changes in the needs and desires of customers and which will provide them with a unique experience when using, and by which you will be recognized.
Advanced surface modeling is fully tailored to the needs of high quality and sophisticated process designs that characterize the production of high-end cars and aircraft.
A software solution for simulations, the set of applications is widely accepted and in practice proven to be the best in its class, especially when it comes to solving problems related to contacts, nonlinearity of materials.
It enables the establishment of Digital Continuity, which is an evolutionary step forward compared to current systems based on the mere exchange of e-mail, spreadsheets and other documents.
A set of tools and programs that accelerate, optimize, control and synchronize the production process in industries such as automotive, marine, industrial equipment, energy, construction, etc., but also consumer goods.
The innovation from the CADCAM Group significantly facilitates, accelerates and reduces the cost of the production process by simpler and more fluid communication between various engineering and design departments.
Software for Automation & Electrical installation. Focus on the electrical design. Let the software handle all practical details.
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