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Digital transformation

By using modern digital solutions, we help you work less but smarter.
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Alati za digitalnu transformaciju

Let digital tools do the work instead of you


Digital resources are the cheapest resources today. For this reason, they are a source of competitive advantage for those that use them efficiently. If you want to tap into global supply chains, promote innovation and expansion of knowledge within organizations, or just increase efficiency, we are here for you. Simplify and digitalize your processes, reduce costs and leave your competition behind.

Take a closer look at what it all involves
digital transformation

Challenge #1

I want to build a smart factory step by step

This is the only way to build advanced factories. The first step is to identify the areas where improvements can be made more easily, guaranteeing a quick return on investment – quick win areas – and tackle them first. After that, other improvements will follow naturally. Digital tools are meant to handle routine tasks so that people have time for smart stuff.

Challenge #2

I need a solution that can be tailored to my specific needs

Most of our customers have their own specificities when it comes to their work, but they have even more processes that can be enhanced easily by using ready-made solutions. To ensure fast implementation, we will apply out-of-the-box solutions and the world’s best practices whenever possible. However, when required, we will tailor the solutions to your specific needs. Our development team of solution architects and coders performs even the most challenging adaptations and integrations with existing solutions.

Challenge #3

I want a quick return on my investment

You can't get a quick return on investment by using cheap solutions, but it can be achieved by identifying the areas where the biggest losses occur. Modern tools can work miracles when applied properly. Let our experts identify such areas through an analysis of your processes and demonstrate the right solution for you using your own examples.

osoba radi u digitalnoj tvornici

Industry 4.0 – Digital and Advanced Factories


Would you like to establish production processes which will be successful and cost-effective in the long run and meet environmentally acceptable standards?

New technologies that facilitate production chain and product status monitoring throughout the lifecycle are available to help you achieve this goal.

The practice has shown that production, service, business model or even the way in which all these aspects are organized can be restructured to achieve greater operational efficiency and reduce costs and waste by introducing new technologies.

4P creates opportunities for creating a more efficient model of sustainable production, which ultimately makes the company more recognizable and improves its reputation in public.

osoba radi na tabletu

IoT – Internet of Things

IoT brings the most valuable input into the digital world – information about reality. Be it information on production status, failure of a machine, or consumption of materials, such information is crucial for process efficiency.

Our solutions provide simple and expandable tools which enable you to collect such information and make them available to everyone who needs them in the most appropriate way.



Automation is a process in which manual labor is replaced by machines and technology. But that does not mean that we need fewer workers.

It means that the workers can devote their time to higher-level activities, like machine control, software management, process optimization, or maybe just monitoring and making decisions. Using automation brings multiple benefits, e.g., work tasks can be performed more efficiently or quickly, and, most importantly, more easily.

Also, the risk of human error should never be underestimated. With automation, we have checks and double-checks in place, and we can be confident nothing will go wrong.


robotika - digitalna transformacija



Regardless of whether you want to increase capacity, speed, or precision, or just replace unavailable or expensive human potentials, robots can help you. However, maximum utilization of automated and robot-based production lines does not happen by itself and, in most cases, it’s not a simple task. Everyone knows that production lines and production processes are one of the biggest problems in the industrial sector.

Their reprogramming, testing, and/or repurposing can be extremely challenging, and it can cause delays when adapting the manufacturing process to a new product or, in general, making improvements and optimizing the product/production. DELMIA is a software solution, part of the 3DEXPERIENCE digital platform, that helps industries by providing a simple and powerful 3D environment used for production line modelling and optimization.

It allows all parties involved in the process to cooperate by connecting the real and the virtual world and offers the shortest path to operational excellence for its users.

Digital Twin


Digital Twin is a virtual model of your product or even your entire system. It is based on simulation or a virtual model of the object itself, which is associated with real-world information (IoT), thus reducing the gap between the designed solution and the actual solution produced in the real world.

In this way, the digital twin brings the virtual model to life using real-world data and provides in-depth understanding and optimization of all changes prior to implementation.

CADCAM tim za digitalnu transformaciju

Why us?


The CADCAM Group is focused on process digitalization in manufacturing companies. Our 30-year track record, regional presence, and numerous satisfied customers make us the logical choice in the search for a partner on your journey to digitalization and modernization of your business.

We work with the world’s leading technology by the Dassault Systemes, and cover the areas of 3D CAD design, PLM, simulations, CAM, robotics, and manufacturing, up to the digital twin level.

Do you want to know more?

When making strategic decisions, like the decision to invest in DX, the choice is simple – don’t change anything and fall behind your competitors or be innovative and make a technological leap forward towards Industry 4.0 to keep or take a leading position in the market. Allow us to show you how the top players in your industry work and help you do the same, with the quickest return on investment and minimal risk.