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IT Specialists

Challenges in the implementation of modern IT systems in manufacturing business.
Challenge #1


Building an IT system for business monitoring is a long-term process in which it is usually required to adapt the system to unpredictable user demands. In constructing such a system, the necessary functionality is provided exactly by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform through central management of the data model for product tracking. Once established, the IT system demands continuous maintenance minimally affecting the secure and worry-free operation of users and avoiding possible external distractions.

Challenge #2


A frequent concern of the user refers to his/her ability to meet the demands of business expansion in the future. The scalable architecture of modern IT systems responds to this request by setting up standards for the establishment of a system with growth potential and hence the capability to keep up with changes in the business. The building of such a system starts with the choice of the system on which the user will build and grow his/her business.

Challenge #3


Modern business in its complexity calls for rich functionality that would provide sufficient competence for the accomplishment of complex business requirements. Irrespective of whether we intend to automate routine processes in order to increase efficiency, or release internal resources, or easily present data linked from different business units, 3DEXPERIENCE reliably provides the platform for the completion of quests. Moreover, the functionality of coupling with other solutions is essential for the successful solving of challenges.

Gartner Research 2019 for IT Leaders (CIO) reveals how the application of data analysis techniques, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology are crucial for business outcomes of their organizations. Based on a survey, IT leaders report the following main IT development guidelines for their organizations:

84 % users
Intensified application of cyber security
37 % users
Application of artificial intelligence
33 % users
Robotic process automation
CADCAM tim za digitalnu transformaciju

Sounds great! But why the CADCAM Group?


Our team is made up of certified IT administrative support experts and system coordinators as well as of custom software developers.

Our specialists have many years of experience in not only implementing and supporting IT operations but also knowledge in the field of computer security, data protection by preventing their loss as well as numerous other specialist skills.

User support is the key section of our team’s activity, constantly faced as a new challenge of utmost importance and priority.

Do you want to improve the way you work? We enable you to evaluate the company efficiency in construction and production

The process includes condition assessment, analysis, consulting, and demonstration of the solution up to the definition of the digitization project. Contact us for concrete and application-oriented advice on digital transformation. Give us a chance, and we will earn your trust.