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Digital transformation

Take Your Well-Deserved Leading Position in the Market – Digitalize Your Production!

The famous line from Matrix, „Never send a man to do a machine’s job“, is actually true when talking about competitiveness in today’s world.


Today, with a reasonably sized investment, you can greatly simplify and speed up your business operations.

What are the specific benefits of digital transformation? In short:

  • It reduces costs.
  • It increases profits.
  • You can expand onto the global market with your products.
  • It improves product quality and traceability.
  • It drives innovation in the company – people can spend their time on developing concepts, improvements, and strategies, while routine tasks are handled by machines.
simboličan prikaz digitalne transformacije na ekranu

Routine tasks are not the future of the market – the future lies in innovation. So give your company new momentum in the market, show everyone your greatest strengths!

While we focus on increasing your efficiency and quality and reducing your costs using digital solutions, you can focus on your customers and on improving your products or efficacy.

This is the best way to get the most out of your investments: your money, resources, and efforts.

Mnogi zamjenjuju digitalnu transformaciju s digitalizacijom

Digital transformation – everyone is talking about it, but what is it really?


Digital is one of the most common buzzwords across many industries right now. Everyone is saying that they’ve gone digital and that you need to go digital.

Of course, due to its popularity, this term is used to denote many different things, both useful and less so.

Many people confuse digital transformation with digitalization, the process of converting information from an analog into a digital format – in the most basic form, using digital data or tools instead of paper.

There is also a widespread view that introducing digitalization might slow down production and require new employees to be hired, resulting in increased costs.

Digitalnom transformacijom dobivate opipljive rezultate

Digital transformation gives you tangible results in terms of efficiency and profitability.

It begins the moment that a technology changes the way that a company operates and thus creates a competitive advantage in the market.

When the change is drastic, we are talking about disruption; however, when the change is gradual, we are talking about operational excellence.

Digital transformation can be implemented across different areas of business: business models, customer relations, or operations.

In most cases, the transformation itself is nothing new for the company, it’s not something that the company never encountered before. More often, it concerns a known problem, solved in an innovative, more efficient manner.

Where do the changes take place? For most manufacturing companies in Croatia, digital transformation brings changes in the collection and processing of customer requests, project and document management, design, or production.

Uspostava digitalnog kontinuiteta

However, achieving digital continuity is key for any company that wants to be competitive in the global market. Digital continuity is an approach to business that ensures an uninterrupted chain of digital data, from ideas to products, by using a central digital platform like 3DEXPERIENCE.

With this platform, you get a complete solution that guarantees data transparency, fast and accurate data exchange among different departments, quick decision-making, and incomparably greater efficiency. 3DEXPERIENCE platform saves your company both time and money!

When making strategic decisions, like the decision to invest in digital transformation, the choice is simple – don’t change anything and fall behind your competitors or be innovative and make a technological leap forward towards Industry 4.0.

This is the only way to gain or maintain market leadership. Allow us to show you how the top players in your industry work and help you do the same, with a quick return on investment.

Do you want to know more?

Let us show you how the best in your industry do it and help you do it with the fastest return on investment.