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We Can Improve Your Production – Find Out How!
Alati za digitalnu transformaciju

Automation is a process in which manual labor is replaced by machines and technology.


But that doesn’t mean that we need fewer workers. It means that the workers can devote their time to higher-value-added activities, like machine control, software management, process optimization, or maybe just monitoring and making decisions on how to make the most of automation and introduce further improvements.

Software is the brain of machines, it can complement our knowledge and experience, but this is not something that occurs on its own. We need to invest a lot of effort to make the software function the way we want it to, to integrate our intelligence with artificial intelligence or automation. But, once we do that, we can use it over and over again. It will do its job perfectly every time.

The biggest problem of automation in our region is usually a bit more prosaic. Numerous manufacturers are investing a lot of effort into the attempts to integrate Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) with industrial automation.

The process of building an integrated monitoring system often proves challenging for two main reasons



Most companies don’t have accurate product components, since they are generated automatically when creating 3D models or documentation, but use components generated by various auxiliary tools instead. Data rearrangement and transcription in the ERP system can result in numerous errors, which prevents production improvements and digitalization.

A suitable document creation methodology and robust Product Lifecycle Management are required for component creation and modification.

Creating accurate production plans


Even though more modern ERPs include production planning modules, all advanced companies have faced problems when modelling actual production limitations and creating precise dynamic production plans. Regardless of the task at hand, be it the need for making changes to the plan on a daily basis, scenario simulations, or raw material requirements planning, it is usually difficult to do without an optimized dedicated add-on.

3DEXPERIENCE, the central digital platform that changes everything


A great many companies have been struggling for years now in the attempts to adapt their ERPs for accurate production planning or at least to be able to use it to combine information from different Excel files.

In our experience – it almost never works. ERP is not a PLM system nor is it a tool for dynamic or static production planning. The best results are achieved when using optimized purpose-built solutions. By expanding your ERP system with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you will get components that are always kept up-to-date and the optimal production plan which will be available to everyone.

Reducing human error, accurate production planning, and flexibility provided by this solution are essential preconditions for maximizing the benefits of automation in any company.

Integrated automation brings many advantages, for example, greater efficiency, the faster performance of work tasks, or increased capacity, and, most importantly: simplification of the entire process.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform establishes a precise document flow via well-defined routes so that you can be sure that nothing will go wrong. Automation will make your machines faster, but digitalization will automate and accelerate your entire business process.

High overall process efficiency can only be achieved by using a central digital platform. The platform can integrate the ERP system and automation, and provide automated workflows for creating 3D models, components and similar, helping achieve digital continuity. It gives you control over all processes and the right information at the right time from any device regardless of location.

We can then gain complete control over the company and facilitate advanced cooperation between machines and people from anywhere in the world.

If you want to make a leap forward in this field, you can trust us – or, even better, try our solutions by giving us a chance to demonstrate all that we can do for your business!

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Together with our partners, we will automate your production, while our partners digitalize the entire system tailored to suit your specific needs!