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Advanced use of material models in Abaqus



Abaqus contains a wide range of material models by which we can enumerate the rheological properties of many engineering materials, such as metals, rubber and plastics, concrete, viscous liquids, and composite materials. At the webinar, we will present models of elastic, hyperelastic, viscoelastic, and plastic materials, as well as models that describe material damage. We will show how we can quickly determine the parameters of some complex material models with the help of the Abaqus integrated optimization scheme.


Dr. Marko Vrh has been employed by CADCAM Lab, a member of the CADCAM Group, since 2016, where he is responsible for numerical simulations in Slovenia and the entire region in which the group operates. He began his professional career in 2005 as a researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, where he received his doctorate in 2010. In his research, he combined an analytical, numerical, and experimental approach. During his professional career, in addition to pedagogical and research work, he is also involved in development research and application projects, both nationally and internationally. He has recently devoted most of his time to applied research, especially in the automotive industry. He is a certified Dassault Systemes expert in the field of SIMULIA software.

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