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I need a faster and smoother data flow

Implementing the 3DEXPERIENCE central digital platform, which makes it possible for all process participants to access up-to-date information at any moment, depending on their authorization level and responsibility, helps achieve significant time savings, and business runs smoothly and without delays – because it’s not so much about having digital data, it’s about having digital continuity.


Modern business in its complexity calls for rich functionality that would provide sufficient competence for the accomplishment of complex business requirements.

Irrespective of whether we intend to automate routine processes in order to increase efficiency, or release internal resources, or easily present data linked from different business units, 3DEXPERIENCE reliably provides the platform for the completion of quests. Moreover, the functionality of coupling with other solutions is essential for the successful solving of challenges.


Building an IT system for business monitoring is a long-term process in which it is usually required to adapt the system to unpredictable user demands.
In constructing such a system, the necessary functionality is provided exactly by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform through central management of the data model for product tracking. Once established, the IT system demands continuous maintenance minimally affecting the secure and worry-free operation of users and avoiding possible external distractions.


A frequent concern of the user refers to his/her ability to meet the demands of business expansion in the future.
The scalable architecture of modern IT systems responds to this request by setting up standards for the establishment of a system with growth potential and hence the capability to keep up with changes in the business.
The building of such a system starts with the choice of the system on which the user will build and grow his/her business.

I want simple product lifecycle monitoring

3DEXPERIENCE is a platform that intuitively guides users through all product lifecycle stages: from idea, through development and manufacturing, to product use and partial or complete recycling. This ensures product quality throughout all stages, reduces the number of costly product changes, allows systematic version monitoring and control, while automated BOM generation brings significant savings in terms of engineer capacity.

I want a quick return on my investment

You can’t get a quick return on investment by using cheap solutions, but it can be achieved by identifying the areas where the biggest losses occur.
Modern tools can work miracles when applied properly. Let our experts identify such areas through an analysis of your processes and demonstrate the right solution for you using your own examples.

I want fast implementation and quick result

The unique and innovative 3DEXPERIENCE digital platform saves time and money due to its comprehensive and individualized approach.
It supports modular use and implementation, which ensures the best price-to-value ratio. It provides visible results, both in terms of quality and quantity, and can be expanded by adding new functionalities and new users quickly and easily.

I want digitalization to make things simpler and faster for me

Exchanging all data and tracking all projects in one central place. Simple, right?
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform makes it possible to supervise projects, design, and production – from initial ideas to the robots. All your data, from 3D models, business documents, and BOMs, to every single task and every single team member. Everything is digital, clear, and user-friendly.

I always need to look ahead a few years too

Of course! The right solution is the one that can resolve the market challenges still to come.
By implementing CADCAM’s solutions, you gain a competitive edge at a global level and, after we finalize the digital transformation of your business, you achieve agility, flexibility, and adaptability matching dynamic market conditions and your customers’ wishes and needs., you achieve agility, flexibility, and adaptability matching dynamic market conditions and your customers’ wishes and needs. Become part of the global supply chain by introducing a modern platform that your customers use too.