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[EDIT] Cloud Readiness

In order to migrate a modern IT system to the cloud, the system has to meet several key prerequisites:
• system applications have been organized as a collection of services with a central data model
• communication between system components has been conceived and constructed in the sense of scaling and operating at high performances
• security has been systematically integrated into the applications and consistently implemented through platform components.
Understanding the importance of service-oriented architecture as well as giving priority to these solutions represent a step into the future. The first step in this direction is choosing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

[EDIT] I want the ability to adapt to each order fast

The 3D Experience platform provides the following benefits:
– instantaneous planning changes
– trying out and selecting optimal scenarios
– fast go/no-go decisions
– precise delivery scheduling
– guaranteed optimal utilization of all teams, machines, and production lines

[EDIT] I need maximum production capacity utilization

The limitations of standard ERPs become evident when it comes to planning more complex production process.
Upgrading your production with a digital model facilitates advanced planning for all your capacities: people, machines, tools, and processes.

[EDIT] I want a proven solution and a seasoned partner

Trust is not earned by talking, it is earned by demonstrating.
Contact CADCAM, the number 1 choice for technologically advanced solutions, and allow us to demonstrate all that we can do for your business.
You will get top-quality, globally proven solutions.

I want to keep ahead of the competition!

Of course! The right solution is the one that can resolve the market challenges still to come.
By implementing our solutions, you gain a competitive edge at a global level and, after we finalize the digital transformation of your business, you achieve agility, flexibility and adaptability matching dynamic market conditions and your customers’ wishes and needs.

I want complete control over development and production at all times

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a central place for production control as a simple and always accessible solution with a clear visual overview of all manufacturing processes. It detects downtime and other problems and balances manufacturing so that all the units involved can participate in the manufacturing process in a uniform and optimized way.
The practice has shown that investing in such solutions proves profitable within a short space of time.

Efficient and quick creation of models

Modern CAD tools allow considerably faster creation of 3D models through automation. Are you looking for specific modules for demanding tasks, scripts that can automate most tasks or complex mathematical models that will facilitate your work? Our experienced experts will help you apply appropriate methodologies as well as tailor leading industry best practices to meet your needs. Virtual models prevent errors in real products and enable better visualization of product development and preparations for manufacturing operations.

Concurrent engineering

Do you wish more engineers to be concurrently employed in the same 3D model, or have different CAD tools operating on the same assembly?

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables simultaneous engineering, concurrent work of different teams of engineers (electrical, mechanical engineering, etc.) on one model, which enhances engineering excellence: acceleration of the engineering processes and reduction of errors.

Good teamwork makes everything better

Would you like to know how you can manage your projects easily, and retain control over processes and access to all relevant data?
To assign tasks to team members, together with associated documents, with one click?
Try out all the features of our project management solution which is based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.