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The Bill of Materials (BOM)

Every success story starts with a good plan!

BOM (The Bill of Materials), as the core manufacturing document, undergoes demanding activities. The requirements put on it are utterly diverse. During each phase of product development, various participants of the manufacturing process seek various information.

For instance, in the creating of a CAD model, the development engineer ordinarily prepares multiple auxiliary elements among which only a small selection retains in the final model.

Considering the diversity of required information, and particularly, in order to preserve the continuity of various activities, the Bill of Materials is simply to be centralized.

In addition, the centralized Bill of Materials must be transparent to all participants in the manufacturing process and also during all phases of a product lifecycle.

This is exactly what the 3DEXERIENCE platform offers – smart Bill of Materials management; besides the assessability of the centralized Bill of Materials model, data access is achievable in real-time which eliminates possible misunderstandings, ‘idling’ and expensive errors.

The Bill of Materials can be changed during the manufacturing process according to concrete requirements of the participants and organizational rules.


A centralized organization of the BOM data model:

  • improves the work quality of all participants of the process
  • reduces the possibility of errors that occur due to ill-timed information

The upper does not bring a complete list of all Bill of Materials forms that may occur in a manufacturing process. A range of other Bills of Materials are engaged it their own way in the accomplishment of activities during the product lifecycle, such as:

  • Customer requirements Bill of Materials,
  • Functionality Bill of Materials which articulates required product functionalities,
  • Intermediate Bill of Materials with data on physical locations, and others.

Thus, it is quite clear that a centralized Bill of Materials data model is necessary indeed to facilitate a fluent and efficient manufacturing process.

Frequently, data are required to be monitored from more than one Bill of Materials, for instance, during the preparation to be aware of which functions are carried out in which location and the like.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform establishes a central data model for process monitoring and activity organization on products, which facilitates matters and accelerates the organization of production. Communication between the participants is faster, more precise, and clearer, which simply reduces any possibilities of error occurrence or disharmony between activities.

The functionality of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to clearly monitor and control all changes on the Bill of Materials.

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Every success story starts with a good plan, indeed, and by that we mean the 3DEXPERIENCE digital platform!