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Dynamic Scheduling

Even when plans change, the results remain excellent!
planiranje bez delmia ortems rješenja

What is the current procedure of production planning?


Production, human resources and capacity planning in most organizations is still, even on a global scale, performed by the application of obsolete tools and methods such as MS Excel tables, material lists and the like.

The aforementioned solutions imply manual data entry if not connected with ERP, MES and PLM systems of the organization, presuming the latter are equipped with these systems.

Following that, such proceedings increase the human error factor and for the same reason, planning becomes static, consuming to much production planners’ time, failing to support the collaboration between business units, also making the priorities setting highly difficult.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Korištenje delima ortems u proizvodnji

A key benefit of the DELMIA Ortems system reflects in its dynamics – quick adaptability to every change saves, to a great extent, time and money and enables the prediction of all possible material restrictions.

A clear vision of the present and future requirements allows for quick identification and solving of bottlenecks in production.

By means of the DELMIA Ortems system, our APS supports the management of machines, production lines, and plants in order to maximize the performance of your plant.

*on machines, human capacities, stock inventories, vendors, material supply, space availability, time limits, availability of machines and tools, preventative maintenance of machines, others as required.

The upper quote is gathered into one central database, for example in the ERP system, and is employed in DELMIA Ortems.

A concrete production plan is generated from these data which can be returned to ERP, or else, reports can be indirectly elaborated by means of MS Excel tables or the Ortems Report Module.

Challenges every production planner faces


Complex challenges are faced by production planners on a day-to-day basis. A whole range of different factors and data have to be taken into consideration, all having an impact on the production process and the results. Only to name a few – production deadlines, delivery dates, machine malfunctions, sick leaves, priority orders, materials, Bills of Materials.

It may be stated, that product planning without a reliable planning tool that takes all these factors into account, is almost impossible.

Planning without an appropriate tool most often consumes a lot of time and poses a serious problem in case of unplanned situations or an urgent need for a prompt change in the production plan.

DELMIA Ortems za dinamičko planiranje proizvodnje

DELMIA Ortems optimization tools


We would like to stress that by means of its optimization capabilities DELMIA Ortems facilitates a successful, high quality and accurate optimization, planning as well as scheduling and termination of the production plan.

It delivers production planning accuracy to a minute, that is, the precise activity duration, as for long-term planning up to one year.


DELMIA Ortems benefits have been proven!

Our clients confirmed that DELMIA Ortems indeed makes the difference!

Reduction in production time at an average of
50 %
Reduction in machine settings by
25 %
Time savings by
60 %
Inventory reduction by
40 %
Planning and supervision of work orders: growth up to
100 %
Increase of overall customer services by
50 %
Productivity growth by at least
10 %

Do you want to plan and optimize your production in a structured way?

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