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Requirement Management

Production That Meets Your Requirements.

Trying to please everyone? It’s impossible in real life, you shouldn’t even try, but, when it comes to managing requirements in the complex development and production process, it is desirable and, from now on, significantly easier, and possible!

The requirement specification is the essential starting document for anyone involved in product and process development, testing, prototyping, and manufacturing. Meeting requirements is a dynamic process that takes place throughout the product lifecycle, involving customer requirements, as well as standards, regulations, and procedures.

Everyone taking part in the development and production process knows full well that meeting requirements are not always easy because they are often subject to modifications, which sometimes makes it difficult to associate the specified requirements with the characteristics of the developed product.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the input requirement list can be entered by way of integration using the Word or Excel format, thus transforming the requirements into easily manageable individual objects.

In this manner, each individual requirement can be linked to a specific development or production activity very quickly and easily. This guarantees that the product fully conforms to the order – while you can track all changes easily and retain full control over the product throughout its lifecycle!

Requirement management using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform lowers the costs and reduces the time required for development: work is more transparent, and communication within the team much faster and clearer.

In this way, the overall quality of your business is enhanced.

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