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Product Management

When Reality Is Complex, You Need Simple Solutions!

Would you like to know how to use one central data model to create several products without sacrificing your agility in production planning?

In an increasingly competitive world, marked by rising product complexity and ever-changing market needs and trends, accurate and timely product composition data monitoring constitutes a key competitive advantage.

Managing complex processes in a clear, simple, and smooth way is the secret of the most successful companies.

When the flow of knowledge and information is fluid and smooth, everything becomes much simpler, faster, and more profitable.

The company retains its agility when it comes to planning and making important decisions regardless of the number of people, teams, and departments involved, thus gaining an advantage over the competition.

What does this look like in practice?


Let us illustrate the point using an example from the auto industry: we are all prudent when choosing a car for ourselves or our loved ones.

The complexity of the product, i.e. the car, lies in its variants and subvariants, depending on the configuration: engine power, standard equipment or a range of extras, etc.

A bill of materials, the most important document in any manufacturing, covers and tracks all the changes, variants, and finishes – in order for the end buyers to be able to get a car exactly to their liking by selecting their preferred features from all the available options.

The process from planning to execution can involve plenty of “idle time”, wasting significant amounts of time and money, because it involves a lot of different information and challenges.


The 3DEXPERIENCE digital platform is the right solution in this situation because it makes the process significantly easier, simpler, and faster.

Namely, its key advantage lies in the fact that it integrates and synchronizes the entire process, opens the information channel to everyone involved in the process and supports a much greater product assortment variety at the same time.


Let us go back to choosing a car exactly to our liking: we are very demanding and extremely discerning as buyers today. If the variant we want is offered by the competition, we will choose the competition.

So, looking at things from this angle, we can see that, as buyers, we don’t compromise when it comes to fulfilling our needs and desires. This is the reason why the products are getting more and more complex, due to the increasing demand for such a  custom-made approach, for customization in line with various requirements of the buyers.

In such market circumstances, the manufacturers are facing a number of new challenges – it is precisely for this reason that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can make a real difference as it reconciles various requirements and challenges that different functions of the company have to meet:

  • business functions focused on market needs
  • development and production focused on all product details, configurations, and variations.  


With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the solutions it offers, the process of managing products becomes incomparably simpler, quicker, and ultimately more profitable for the company as a whole.

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