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Solutions for the digital transformation of MSP in 2021

Solutions for the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises in 2021 that can be included in the call P4D 2021

In April or May, SPS (Slovenian Entrepreneurship Fund) will issue a call for incentives for digital transformation P4D, with which SPS wants to encourage the improvement of business and organization, processes and models through digitalization and digital transformation in micro, small and medium enterprises.

You can use our software solutions in the following areas:

  • development of business and production processes,
  • comprehensive product lifecycle management,
  • project management, changes, configurations,
  • product development,
  • virtual product ratings,
  • topological product optimization,
  • preparation and simulation of addition process (3D printing),
  • production simulation and optimization,
  • dynamic production planning.

Our team of experienced experts will be your reliable partner in the preparation of tenders and implementation of project activities.

The subject of the tender is the co-financing of eligible costs in the form of grants for the provision of technical equipment and digital transformation of key production and business processes. Technical equipment means the provision of software and / or hardware that enables digital business and production.

Eligible tender costs include:

  • the cost of purchasing new hardware for digitization of operations and production,
  • costs of purchasing new software for digitalization of business and production,
  • costs of outsourcing services for training, consulting,
  • salary costs and compensation of employees’ work costs,
  • indirect costs.

The estimated deadline for the announcement of the public tender P4D 2021 is 30.4.2021 or 07.5.2021.

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