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Earth Day

We are one step away from preserving the planet - digital transformation is waiting a long time.

We are one step away from preserving the planet – digital transformation is waiting a long time.


What happened to us? Exams, work, money… life. Strange, because life without a healthy environment does not exist. That is why it is important to remind ourselves of this from time to time and do everything we can to protect it, both at the individual and company level.


Paper consumption in companies represents about 75% of the total waste that the company produces. Each employee uses more than 2000 works per year. In addition to being a big expense for the company, the mass use of paper also has detrimental effects on the environment.

Today, 85% of the paper produced comes from forests, and only 15% from recycling or trees planted for just that purpose. In addition to contributing to deforestation, which jumped 77% during the pandemic (according to research by the University of Maryland’s GLAD laboratory), paper production requires a huge amount of water. Namely, 100,000 liters of water are needed to produce one ton (= 17 trees). And then, when the production process is complete, the paper is transported by plane or road and becomes another source of pollution.

In this way, paper production contributes to global warming by increasing greenhouse gas emissions and is the third largest industrial process in terms of water, air and soil pollution.

Digital solutions are widely present to reduce operating costs and contribute to efficiency, but at the same time have a large share in environmental protection. Although digitalization is primarily driven by the needs of companies, it undoubtedly has a positive effect on the planet. The transition from classic paper documents to e-commerce can also be seen as a gesture of environmental protection.

However, digitization is still often viewed with fear, rather as an intruder rather than a solution. Maybe we are afraid that they will take away the human in us, that they will alienate us. We must overcome prejudices and understand that digitalization is an advantage and a way of preserving humanity and our very survival, because a healthy environment is the basis for preserving human existence and sustainable development of society.

If we look for the reason why our environment is endangered, it is certainly not modern science and technology, but man’s behavior and his bad attitude towards nature and its riches.

We are one step away from preserving the planet – digital transformation is waiting for a long time.


Let’s save the earth, water and air – let’s save our planet. Happy Earth Day!

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