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5 Key Manufacturing Trends in 2022

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The manufacturing industry is expected to experience some major trends in 2022 that, if leveraged correctly, can fuel innovation and help businesses stay competitive. Learn about the 5 key manufacturing trends in 2022 and how they can be used to create value with the right technologies.

The 5 key production trends we need to focus on in 2022 are:

  • Trend #1 – AI and Advanced Analytics
  • Trend #2 – Automation Becoming More Accessible
  • Trend #3 – Robots
  • Trend #4 – Supply Chain Nearshoring
  • Trend #5 – Digital Transformation

In order to leverage the advantages of advanced technologies, implement plans effectively, and stay competitive, it is very important for manufacturing companies to create a people development culture and take a human-centered approach. The role of people is a key factor across any technical solution to achieving operational excellence in manufacturing. Technology should empower people and give them the ability to continuously realize their better version in all aspects of their lives specifically in terms of creativity and innovation.