CATIA V5 Analysis provides the ability to design simulations within the CATIA design environment, allowing constructors to directly analyze their main reference model in CATIA. Since there is no transfer of geometry, problems with data integrity are avoided.

Generative Structural Analysis (GAE)

Engineers need to optimize the product design without sacrificing quality. They need to make an accurate analysis at an early stage of design within an integrated and simple environment.
CATIA - Generative Structural Analysis offers designers and engineers a simple solution to analyze the simulation of the mechanical behavior of the product at an early stage of the design process.

Included modules:

  • Generative Part Structural Analysis 2
  • Gener. Assy Structural Analysis 2
Generative Structural Anaysis in CATIA

Technological Specifications Review (TRE)

Global demand and breakthrough technologies are increasing the complexity of product designs and the supply chains needed to build them. These distributed organizations need a way for stakeholders to view, understand and evaluate a virtual product definition.

CATIA - Technological Specification Review enables to place 3D product definition at the heart of people interactions and communications. It gives access to critical product information including functional annotations and tolerancing, fasteners types and positions and finite element analysis results. It also provides companies with a way to filter sensitive information before sharing 3D designs with partners.

Customer benefits: 
  • Direct access to accurate dimension and tolerance information
  • Direct access and review of Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) results
  • Assess parts under real conditions inside the virtual product
  • V5 Fasteners validation and fasteners documentation generation
  • IP protection and size reduction for supply chain exchange

Technological Review in CATIA 

FEM and Structural Analysis (FAX)

Today, companies need to control their development costs and focus on the cost of physical prototypes. They also need a solution that combines design and analysis to validate and optimize product development.
CATIA - FEM and Structural Analysis delivers a complete solution for modeling and analysis using the finite element method and encompasses a wide range of structural analytical processes. Fully integrated into the CATIA design environment, the solution promotes impeccable product quality improvements.

Included modules:

  • Generative Part Structural Analysis 2
  • Gener. Assy Structural Analysis 2
  • FEM Surface 2
  • FEM Solid 2
  • Gener. Dynamic Response Analysis 2
  • Elfini Structural Analysis 2
FEM Structural Analyses in CATIA

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