3DEXPERIENCE on premise & on cloud

3DEXPERIENCE on premise & on cloud

In order to realize the current situation in the company, it is useful for managers to have the tools to manage and create unique user experiences.

In any business, tends to business success, largely depends on:

Asking the right questions;
Finding the ultimate answer;
Options to be well informed to make decisions quickly.

Management is now able to look at a whole, linking human resources, information, solutions and ideas, both within and outside the company via a single platform 3DEXPERIENCE, which raised the level of organization and collaborative approach.

3DEXPERIENCE is a comprehensive business platform that connects designers, engineers, managers, different sectors and locations in the integrated enterprise, enabling the creation of more than a product, and that the experience for customers or consumers.
The platform includes an intuitive navigation compass - menu, that supports work in all Dassault Systemes applications, including social and collaborative applications for 3D modeling, design and simulation, as well as applications for intelligent data management, and search and systematization of data.

3dexperience compass


Using 3DEXPERIENCE platform, sharing 3D models and design data is carried out without delay, and without the need for a more or less successful conversion of data in different formats. Also, we get an integrated information environment with precisely defined powers users, relating to data access.

Concurrent engineering

Platform is the industry and process-oriented and covers 12 industries:

Dassault Systemes 12 industries


Imagine that the implementation of solutions for product innovation can be done in just a few mouse clicks and you have a tool for designing available 24 hours, seven days a week, from any location.
Business in the 'cloud' transforms the manner of use and the cost of software for the design. There is no more need for investment in physically present hardware and installation costs and administration. Enhance your projects by the world's leading platform for the design, which is to push the boundaries of 3D design. Now, not only are you having to design all their ideas, but a number of tools for collaboration makes your business to be always and everywhere with you. You only need to have an idea you want to realize, a Dassault Systemes care of the system and your data.

Benefiti cloud tehnologije

Business strategy in the cloud (Cloud)

At a time when the complexity of the business grows and when they experience the most important, more and more companies looking for a unique business platform to create innovative experiences and covers the entire production process. Therefore, it is crucial to provide companies the functional tools that also provide added value and simplify design tasks.

All solutions are available in the "cloud technology" have provided secure access and storage of data. Protection mechanisms behind your data are at the highest level and in accordance with the latest standards.

The installation process

As it unfolds, "online", from the moment you create an order, you receive an initial e-mail with the necessary instructions and begin the installation process, you are operating for 5 to 20 minutes.

setup 3ds on cloud

Very easy implementation and administration

Whether it is a local or web applications, all present and use licenses that are located in the cloud (cloud), where data is stored, both for desktop and for web-oriented applications.

Laka primena

Minimal technical requirements

Because communication with "cloud" is done online, you need a constant internet access for seamless access to your data. Everything has been designed to be constantly delivered to the server, where data is stored, for later access. In this sense, both need to supply a "download" and "upload" speed of at least 2 MB / sec, which is nowadays part of most standard internet package. Also, the results of the ping test, should not exceed 120 milliseconds. The figures can be checked any time at any of the sites that are used for test speed Internet connection.
An example of a test performed on the site  www.speedtest.net

Speedtest rezultat

If there are deviations from the minimum requirements, it is best to consult your Internet provider and check for possibility to improve.

3DEXPERIENCE on premise

3DEXPERIENCE the equipment by the user (on the premises), implies that the solution fully hosted on the server of the client. If the client decides for local hosting of data, it is also possible to adapt and integrate data to the client's needs. Integration of all data seems to them to be available in the "single source of truth", which reduces the need for costly IT operations, such as copying data from the database.

How 3DS Cloud is safe? How to protect your data?

Your data is safer than you can imagine. Protection mechanisms are at a very high level and the data is safer than on most servers, which are stored locally. There are three levels of protection, which are applied in accordance with the latest safety standards. Dassault Systemes at any time guarantee the security of your data and allows you to backup and download them at any time.

Why 3DXPERIENCE in the cloud?

3ds cloud

We know how important it is that the right questions are asked to the right people in order to understand the present and manage the future. We are your partner in achieving previously unimaginable.