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Static Planning of Production

Static Planning of Production
Skupina ljudi radi na planiranju proizvodnje

Static Planning of Production


Business without proper planning is an expensive game. In this respect, static planning stands out as one of the key PPO segments of every manufacturing organization. What is static planning of manufacturing processes, why is it important, and how is it, to a large extent, aided by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?

Once the development of the concept of a product is finished, it is necessary to plan different phases of its production.

The principal challenges we are facing are process management and resources required for the design of the final product.

The software solution to this effect is delivered by the 3DEXPERIENCE DELMIA Process Planner. The elementary unit of DELMIA solution is the Manufactured Item Definition Module which provides for a specification of the 3D Manufacturing Bill of Materials.

Definition of the 3D Manufactured Model


Based on the 3D designed model the module allows the creation of the 3D Manufacturing Bill of Materials which keeps track of all design changes.

Simply put, the 3D model design and the 3D Manufacturing Bill of Materials are connected in a manner that each change in design automatically alters the Bill of Materials in order to preserve a model’s consistency and applicability.

This contibutes to a successful simulation of the entire manufacturing process.

All model functionalities are accessible through a modern user interface applying the web widget.

Planiranje proizvodnog procesa slika sekcije

Manufacturing Process Planning


In addition, the DELMIA Process Planner may include a planning module for all activities required for the running of the manufacturing process. The planning module allows transparent and fluent communication – relevant information is available to all participants in the process.


Procedures are carried out according to predefined specifications:

  • Management and approval of planned activities within the time frame – how long a specific activity will take
  • Recourses planning for plan implementation. Herein, the creation of a Gantt chart is found most useful as it is linked with the specification of production activities.

This model also proves to be user-friendly, likewise by using the web widget.


Virtual Manufacturing Design


Before actual production, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables manufacturers to create 3D models that virtually simulate the entire manufacturing process. 3D models include highly detailed displays of each segment – from Bill of Materials at every level and exchange, through predicted human resources, even to humans’ ergonomically most efficient aspects of their workplace. (Correct body posture in the process etc.)

The realistic simulation of robots or machines for manipulation or processing is a particular highlight because it demonstrates their accurate manipulative and operational scope before the actual design of a plant or entire factory. 


Hence, merely by simulation one gets to know the physical space requirements for an actual manufacturing process.

Planning and virtual design of a plant before building work starts save time and a lot of financial worries which might emerge in the absence of planning – you will accurately know if you have enough recourses at your disposal for commencing production, and you will get insight into an accurate scenario of your future manufacturing process.

Do you want to know more?

We can only come to the conclusion that the best plan for the organization is to implement the DELMIA Process Planner!