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Biggest Challenge for Industrial Digitalization

Plan, Integrate and Prosper! - ERP Integration.

The lifecycle of every new product as well as changes to the existing one always begins with an idea. We think of an idea for new functionalities, an idea for new usage or for meeting new market requirements and needs.

As products progress in their lifecycle through development stages, different software solutions are applied.

Organizations reach out for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) combined with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions in most aspects of a product lifecycle.


In order to maximize efficiency and reduce costs, the two systems have to be connected, preferably to an as high as possible automation level in the course of their integration.

The respective connection is provided by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as the systematically organized concept of product lifecycle information management.

The key factor behind a market success is the integration with the ERP system which focuses on the planned product realization, ultimately the financial aspects of the business. Data models should preferably set up a bidirectional connection by virtue of automated procedures.

A full data model integration deems unnecessary since it is too complex to result in a positive outcome. For this reason, the connection is targeted at data relevant for the fluent functioning of both systems. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform signals out relevant data from the Bill of Materials to the ERP system, while the latter transfers relevant data for production planning and tracking.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform makes such communication possible through creating an external autonomous application or an integrated web browser plug-in.

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The respective integration brings about a faster, simpler and more fluent production process which soon reflects in time and money savings!