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Change Management

Make Sure You Remain in Control of Changes – Not the Other Way Around

Changes in the market are constant. Trends change, customer desires and needs change, supplier processes change, development, technology, manufacturing etc. They all change. But change doesn’t have to equate to stress. 


With Change Management on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can manage change yourself and introduce the necessary changes without falling out of rhythm, which is always expensive – because, as you well know, there can be no successful development and production without successful change.


Successful change implementation depends on several factors:


Flexibility and speed are needed, as well as a thoughtful approach. Structured decisions will ensure an integral change implementation.

Of course, it is easier to achieve flexibility and speed in the early stages of the product lifecycle, when most work is still being done on virtual models, keeping the costs under control.

As the process progresses and physical parts of the product start to arrive, any change becomes very costly. In this case, a more rigorous approach to change management is required, and the required level of severity depends, of course, on the problem at hand.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides multiple change management levels aimed at finding the optimal change management solution for any problem at any stage in the product lifecycle (the best acceptable result with minimum cost).

A clear insight into the effects of the change: cover everything affected by the change and everything that affects the change itself.


Changes in complex systems may involve elements from different domains (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.), and this complicates the process of making changes since it involves different experts from various domains; in such cases, clear communication and comprehensive insight become extremely important. Even when a solution to the problem at hand is found in one domain, a conflicting request from another domain can make it ineffective; for this reason, an iterative approach is needed, just like the one provided by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Providing clear insight into all objects involved in the change for everyone included in the process.

All participants need to have insight into the objects involved in the change and all documents affecting it, as well as information about the course of the process, allowing everyone to know at what stage the process is and what is expected of them. This helps avoid errors caused by synchronization issues (partial synchronization, no synchronization, human factor, and similar) because everyone is working on the same platform, on the same objects, and the platform takes care of synchronization.

In this way, all participants involved in the process, from sales, procurement, development (all domains: mechanical, electrical, software, etc.), technologies, production preparation to production, get the necessary data quickly and accurately.

The change itself – its causes and effects – must be accessible and clear to all relevant participants throughout the process.

All responsible persons should be able to get insight into the problem, its source, and its impact on the product itself and on the production process. Access to such information must be simple and accurate. Information about the impact of a change on a particular stage of the process and its cost-effectiveness is essential. It is for this reason that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows impact analyses to be carried out for each step of the process.

In fact, experience has shown it again and again: finding and using the correct data is the first step in efficient problem-solving.

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