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Industry 4.0.

Hitherto Reserved for the Richest Companies in the World, Now in Your Company!
osoba radi u digitalnoj tvornici

We have the technology which was hitherto reserved for the richest and most advanced companies in the global market – you just need to apply it!

Today, manufacturing companies most often struggle to resolve two main challenges:

  • decline in available resources – be it human resources, production capacities, or simply raw materials. The problem is especially acute for companies oriented towards international supply chains,
  • increase in prices, and susceptibility to goods or service delivery uncertainties.


We understand the problems that the companies deal with in the modern business environment – the solution is to introduce new technologies in order to manage available resources in a more cost-effective way and be even more successful in the marketplace race.

suvremene tehnologije kao što su roboti, senzori, 3D pisači

You need sustainable production growth under given conditions, you need profitability!

The 3DEXPERIENCE digital platform is based on the advantages of Industry 4.0: it facilitates an effective digital transformation of your production by introducing innovative modern technologies such as robots, sensors, 3D printers, etc. But it also brings much more to the table: you get the ability to use automated robotic systems that are connected to sensors and control devices on manufacturing machines.

IT i proizvodnja

IT and production are inextricably linked now


Industry 4.0 made a key step forward by connecting IT and traditional manufacturing, with an emphasis on introducing highly integrated production monitoring and production cycle management systems. Such an integrated solution contributes to a better alignment of requirements, ideas, and business decisions, and facilitates the performance of many other business activities.

Achieving sustainable and profitable production in highly automated, smart manufacturing plants is the most important application area of Industry 4.0.

Digitalna platforma za vrhunski proizvod

3D EXPERIENCE: a digital platform for your premium product


The main idea of the platform, as a central integrated solution, is based on creating a virtual, digital product and connecting it to the production process.Using a virtual product and having all the information about it connected with the company’sproduction processes results in significantly faster and more efficient communication, making it possible to adopt better decisions and solutions in less time.

The virtual product concept helps create the preconditions for building smart manufacturing plants, from the idea itself, a plan for a smart/digital factory, all the way to realization. Operational excellence is achieved by means of virtualization (creating a 3D model of the product and/or production chain).


Svi podaci na centralnoj digitalnoj platformi

Consolidating all data on a central digital platform like 3DEXPERIENCE facilitates cooperation among all participants in the chain. It drives innovation and creativity and helps increase product quality while meeting ever more stringent environmental standards.

In other words, we create responsible workers for the future, which ultimately contributes to improving production efficiency.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, environmental criteria are becoming increasingly stringent; by using digital technologies, you can minimize manufacturing waste, help protect the Earth, and reduce waste disposal costs.

Do you want to know more?


Contact us and we will help you develop an effective strategy for your company and demonstrate all the capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform tailored to your business needs!