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Digital Twin

What If You Had a Twin to Help You Save Time? From Now On, It Is Possible!
Digitalni blizanac prikaz

Is there anyone among us who hasn’t thought about cloning themselves in those days when we’re swamped with work? The Digital Twin on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can’t go grocery shopping instead of you just yet or replace you at a business meeting while you enjoy a cold beverage somewhere else.

But it can save you a lot of time and money!

Digital Twin is a virtual model of your product or even your entire system. It is based on simulation and IoT: on a virtual model of the object itself, associated with real-world information. In this way, the virtual model becomes the truest copy of the actual solution from the real world.

By means of simulation, the virtual model is brought to life using real-world data, providing in-depth understanding and facilitating optimization of any required changes prior to their implementation. It greatly increases the speed and cost-effectiveness of the development process.

Vizualizacija digitalnog blizanca vozila

Potential errors can be detected and eliminated much faster and earlier, thus:

  • reducing development time,
  • providing engineers with better insight into product behavior,
  • accelerating and simplifying product improvements.

The application of IoT enriches the simulations further with real-world data, resulting in the following benefits:

  • improvement of the digital model itself
  • optimization of actual sizes
  • more precise extrapolation and outcome of all changes
  • development of different improvement scenarios

The 3DEXPERIENCE digital platform allows you to create simulations and digital twins of your products, as well as of the processes used to make your products.

The platform allows you to use the existing virtual models of your robots for offline programming, to simulate their behaviour, and optimize entire production lines or even factories, in a simple and holistic manner.

One of the fundamental principles of creativity is the question: “Why not?” Creativity pushes us to discover new paths.

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However, this approach requires significant investments of time and money. A digital twin is the perfect solution for this – it is one of the most important pillars of digital transformation since it significantly reduces the costs involved in the testing of innovations, and the time invested, thus promoting creativity in the process of developing even better and higher-quality products or processes.

As Daniele Giachi, Director of Vehicle Engineering at Rimac Automobili, said: „The goal is to have the most perfect correlation between real and virtual testing in order to minimize the risk when you go and crash the prototype [of a car] that costs 1 million EUR  (crash test)“.

stvaranje digitalnog modela proizvodnje

By using DELMIA Ortems, a software solution for advanced production process planning, various production planning parameters can be associated with the product itself – e.g. the component, different attributes, and similar – as early as during the development stage.

Even though the task might seem complex and difficult, it can be performed step by step.

In this way, DELMIA Ortems can help you create a simple digital model of your entire production and implement advanced dynamic production planning. The PPL module facilitates strategic process planning using a virtual 3D model of your product.

Ultimately, a comprehensive virtual layout of the production line and even the entire factory can be created in 3D, and then optimized before construction itself. By enhancing such models using real-world data, you get a solution that can maximally optimize your products, as well as their production environment.

If you wish to optimize your product or production line, do it in the virtual world! Even though it may sound complicated, it is much cheaper and more efficient, with an exceptional level of flexibility, while implementation is simpler than you think. 3DEXPERIENCE DELMIA is the world’s leading tool for creating such solutions. You will be able to see the positive effects on your business in no time: contact our experts and leave your competition in the dust!

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