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We Think that Simulating on the Job is Commendable!
Simulacije vozila

Unlike in football, when the players simulate that they have been fouled, simulation in the business context should not be frowned upon; on the contrary, it saves time, saves money and helps the companies expand their operations, gain competitive advantage, and increase that market share.

3d dizajn i oblikovanje virtualnog modela automobila

When it comes to simulations in the context of product development, there is no dilemma here – time is precious, and potential errors and delays in production are costlier than ever.

The path to success in today’s global market is open to everyone but the market is both demanding and fast, and the needs and wants of the customers are constantly changing. The market demands fast product launches, always in line with superior quality and reliability standards.

The use of simulations makes product development much more cost-effective and faster because it affects each step in the process of development and production: from planning and concept development to product placement and market monitoring.

3DEXPERIENCE na računalu old

Main advantages of simulations


  • Virtual evaluations at every stage of development, from concepts to finished products
  • Optimization of each detail at the design stage
  • Significantly reduced development time: simulations provide a quick and clear insight into how the product “behaves”, making it possible to see if the product needs to be modified
  • Production costs reduced up to 10 times! Detection of potential errors during the early development cycle eliminates the need for subsequent changes to physical prototype, which are much costlier
  • Improvement and fine-tuning of every product detail: virtual prototyping allows much faster and cheaper testing in the course of development
  • Increasing internal knowledge relating to development in general

Finally, product development based on simulations using virtual prototypes strengthens cooperation and synergies among different departments within the organization, resulting in greater job satisfaction, improved results, and enrichment of the knowledge base and expert capital of the company.

Find out how the use of simulations on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can make your business more profitable, competitive, efficient, and professional.

Evaluation of Business Efficiency in 3D Design and Methodology


The process includes screening, analysis, consulting and solution demonstration, up to definition and implementation of the business efficiency improvement project. Please feel free to contact us and provide yourself with concrete and applicable consulting on digital transformation.