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Why do you need a counselor?

I often congratulated myself on the great happiness I had in choosing an area of ​​work that had delighted, excited and challenged me for decades. I went through almost my entire professional journey, and even more I drove and flew through a professional area that I love very much. I started with CAD (3D back in 1989!), Touched on CAE a bit, continued with CAM, first encountered PDM before this millennium, continued with PLM in the broadest sense of the word, and its connection to other systems in the company

Through all these years and areas, I have met many counselors, and very often I have been myself and am still in that role. And although the role of counselor has extended to all possible areas of our lives (nutrition counselors, dressing, tidying up, weight loss…), I still face the question of why we need a counselor when introducing a business system, platform or complex solution. If we already come to terms with the fact that we need it, we wonder why it needs to be paid for. Does that sound familiar to you?


Just as we don’t get 1 hour of free healthy eating advice with a can of beans or 2-3 hours of clothing consultants aren’t included in the price when buying a new swimsuit, buying a new software solution that requires more complex implementation doesn’t involve the work of an advisor. It took many years for the counselor to master the area he is advising. He has carried out many projects, collaborated with various companies, solved various problems. Therefore, it is necessary to think about what the counselor can bring, how to best use his knowledge and experience in an area that we do not master the best ourselves. It’s a good idea to have a counselor so that you don’t have to “discover hot water”, to make your team less nervous and to deal with problems more easily. And that definitely justifies the investment!

You will be able to talk to a good advisor, you will learn a lot from him, you will be able to argue with him, blame him for everything that does not go according to plan and at best maintain contact for many years after finishing work in your company. And it’s worth a lot – both for you and the advisor.


                                    Wrote: Davorka Vilus Vičič, CADCAM Lab

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