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Spatial analysis, design of exact parts and production of precise technical drawings

About the company

Aircraft factory in Pancevo, known for the production of light, sports and training aircraft. Utva’s single-engine, low-wing airplane U75 A41M "SOVA" is designed for initial training, sports, and tourist flying.
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Large enterprise
Pancevo, Serbia


The project task was to improve the characteristics of the Utva 75 aircraft in terms of dynamics, new systems, the integration of a new engine and a new propeller. Modification of the cabin section meant a change from a two-seater to a four-seater, complete re-design of all mechanical systems and fuel installation, as well as hydraulic and brake installations, a set of motor systems, engine integration, new propeller, aero-dynamic lining round the engine that improves the aerodynamics and also the constructive improvement of the door and the entrance to the cabin.


CATIA V5 software solution provides a simple way to perform spatial analysis, and then easily design the exact parts and make precise technical drawings. The software also has functionalities that enable us to easily analyze the kinematics of the mechanisms, and also analyze the stress condition of the individual parts of the aircraft.


When using the CATIA software package we are in a position to know the end result early in the design process, which means that we can reduce the cost of the prototype construction in terms of preventing errors. Productivity in the design process has been raised to a much higher level, which has enabled a large number of drawings to be issued, at the daily level, during the production of technical documentation.

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In addition to the design process, the development sector in the Utva aviation industry also uses CATIA V5 software for the production of exploitation documentation in terms of making sketches for which it was previously necessary to employ engineers and technicians with great experience and the ability to draw nicely by hand.

Aleksandar Petrovic,
Head of R&D
Aleksandar Petrovic  - Head of R&D Testimonial BG

Watch a video on using the CATIA V5 software solution when designing “SOVA”:

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Management of development tasks and technical documentation
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