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One unique and consistent environment for R&D


Teknia needed a solutions to support company growth and changes through efficient data management, BOMs management, project management for OEMs, simplify and improve collaboration and integration between engineers and project managers.


When using the CATIA software package we are in a position to know the end result early in the design process, which means that we can reduce the cost of the prototype construction in terms of preventing errors.

Prvi partizan

The transfer of documentation to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform facilitates our operations, the distribution of drawing, data analysis, the creation of new databases, the completion of new products, the creation of assemblies, etc.


For Konelek, the CATIA software solution responds to the following requirements: it is a standard in the aviation industry; it is used by their largest customers and thus aligned with them; the designers, developers and technologists work on the same solution.

Končar Generators and Motors

Končar develops, designs, and manufactures generators and motors for electric energy plants and equipment, including dedicated services.


The company specializes in aircraft design, innovative electric and hybrid aircraft, propulsion batteries at the highest aviation standards


The company manufactures special equipment for aluminum die casting, polymer injection molding, and composite forming tools

Jaksche Technology

For over 45 years, JAKSCHE has developed and produced heavy-duty components made of reinforced plastic using high-quality materials